With its regulation bright blue nylon 内饰 it wasn't the sexiest office 椅子 on the block, but it was really comfortable 和 I knew that if I could spruce it up with some new fabric it would fit in perfectly. There are quite a lot of online tutorials or videos showing you how to re-cover office 椅子s, so it was actually a pretty straight forward project. This is how I did mine...

First of all, you'll need to separate the back rest 和 seat cushion from the frame of the 椅子. There are lots of different sorts of office 椅子s, but generally the two cushioned 部分s are simply screwed onto the frame. Remove the screws 和 detach the cushions. The cushions will each have a plastic backing which also need to be removed. Some plastic backings simply pop off, but ours needed prising off with a screwdriver!


Place your cushion face down on the wrong side of your chosen fabric, add about a two inch margin all round 和 roughly cut around the outline. If in doubt leave a wider margin - you don't want to find your fabric is too short!

Fold the fabric firmly around the cushion 和 pin into position, starting 在 the top middle, then the bottom, leaving the corners until last.

For the corners you'll need to pleat the fabric 在 the back to ease it round the curves. Keep pulling the fabric taut 和 checking that the right side of the cushion is smooth.


Fold the raw edges of the fabric under the elasticated cushion edge 和 tack in place through both layers.


Replace the plastic backing. Now do exactly the same for the seat cushion 和 re-attach both cushions to the 椅子 frame.

You now have a gorgeous new office 椅子! I recommend sitting on it 和 whizzing round the room in triumph.

我用的面料很可爱 复古印花树皮 from Maud's Fabric Finds, which was the perfect weight for this project. I bought half a metre 和 there was more than enough to cover both cushion pads. I even have some scraps left over to make a few purses 和 make-up bags. Yay! Once the cushion backings were prised off, each cushion took me about an hour to complete. So it turned out to be a relatively cheap AND quick project. Definitely cheaper than buying a fancy new 椅子 anyway! x




Over the past few weeks I've been slowly gathering supplies for a winter 涂层, which I'm pretty excited about. I already have a gorgeous navy winter 涂层 from Jaeger which I saved up for - I've worn it every winter for about five years 和 it's still going strong, but I fancy a change. I'd like a red 涂层, partly because I don't own one 和 I'd like to remedy that, but also because I need a 涂层 to match my 新的红色手套。只是开个玩笑! (还是我?…)

当我寻找灵感时,我确实发现了一些固定在我身上的非常迷人的红色外套 红板 在Pinterest上,但它们都是非常庞大的形状,这使我的小巧身材显得相形见.。 


我发现在 麦考尔7058。这种图案的前盖非常丑陋,可以很好地掩盖经典,精心绘制的图案。 
There are plenty of options all based around the same princess-seamed shape: a short, Chanel-style collarless jacket, two hip length jackets (one belted, one hooded), two mid length 涂层s 和 a long hooded 涂层 (phew). I've decided to go for a mash up of views B 和 C.

Manju制作了非常时尚的衬里羊毛版本 这里 和 I've taken some great tips from her excellent review. My main 涂层 fabric will be a 羊毛斜纹 涂层ing from Fabric Godmother, which now seems to be sold out unfortunately.

It's a lovely bright red 和 feels very warm. I know Manju also interlined/underlined her version with pyjama flannel for extra warmth 和 I'm still debating whether to do this on mine. What do you think?

我会用这个衬里 暗蓝色钢衬面料 来自Ditto,我认为它与红色形成了很好的对比。 

我也买了一些 高质量的接口 from 英式时装 和 have invested in a 裁缝s clapper 在所有这些接缝上实现专业的表面处理。我准备好了!

I did a tissue fitting 和 the size 14 seems to fit well. The good thing about this pattern is that there is a petite sizing option which I've taken full advantage of. Each pattern piece is shortened by a total of two inches: an inch 在 bodice height 和 an inch 在 skirt/knee height, which is a perfect proportion for my build. The sleeves are also shortened 在 two different points without affecting the shape of the elbow dart.

Now I just need to steam shrink my wool fabric 和 pre-wash my 衬垫, then I can start cutting out (eek!) There's no immediate deadline to get this 涂层 finished, so I intend to take my time over it 和 enjoy the process - I'll keep you posted on my progress! x



当我于2009年首次学习缝制时,我的制衣老师建议我首先掌握制裙的艺术。她的理由是,女性的下半部通常比上半部更容易合身。我徒劳地寻找了一本书,可以教我做到这一点,但没有找到适合自己的专门针对裙子的书。 How I wish A Beginner's裙子制作指南 温迪·沃德(Wendy Ward)当时就在身边!

The book is exactly as described: a comprehensive guide to making skirts with full size paper patterns. Wendy focuses on eight basic skirt shapes: circle, A-line, stretch pencil, wrap, bubble, 裁缝ed pencil, front opening 和 culottes 和 offers three variations for each style. That's a lot of skirts to get your teeth into!

The simplest version of each style is shown made up in denim, which I think is a nice touch as it gives you a good idea of the basic shape before you start getting adventurous! The majority of styles are ones I'd make 和 wear, the only exception being the bubble (or puffball) skirt which I was never a fan of, even as a teenager in the 80's!  

对于每个项目变体,都有分步说明和清晰的图表,以及插入拉链,连接腰带,添加衬里等基本方法,所有这些都包含在出色的产品中。 技巧 这本书后面的部分。

这部分是 庞大的 和 it really does cover everything you need to know, 不 just about skirt making but about sewing in general - it's almost a sewing book in its own right! The techniques required for each project are listed 在 the beginning of each skirt 'type' 和 it's definitely worth reading through them beforehand so you have an idea of what you'll be doing. You'll still have to flick between different parts of the book to look them up, especially if you're a beginner, but 在 least you'll be prepared. 

在进行准备工作时,我还建议您阅读 使用纸样 部分 非常小心 before you start. I dived straight in 和 consequently tripped up a couple of times. Firstly, the pattern piece for the skirt I made (the Rusholme) is printed in two halves (top half 和 bottom half) on two different pattern sheets, which flummoxed me a little. Secondly, some pattern pieces, such as waistbands 和 facings, are used for 一个以上的项目. I was looking in vain for ages for a facing for the Rusholme裙子 before I re-read the instructions 和 realised I had to use the pattern pieces for the Fallowfield skirt!

Once you've located your pieces you'll need to trace them from the three large pattern sheets, as the sheets are printed on both sides 和 the patterns overlap. I have to admit, a Burda-style pattern road map is 不 my favourite way to work, but having said that, once I'd worked out a few basics (see paragraph above!), it didn't actually take long to trace them off.

The skirts in the book are printed in order of difficulty 和 the Rusholme A字裙 I chose is somewhere in the middle. The skirt is shown with three variations: short with a waist facing, knee-length with waistband 和 centre front pleat or long with pockets 和 waistband.

In the spirit of the book I chose to mix 和 match between variations, making a short skirt with a waist facing but also including a centre front pleat. The book actually advises to use a facing with the pleated version (and I can see why as there is more fabric in the pleat to be supported) but I decided to be a rebel 和 throw caution to the wind.


我使用的面料是细羊毛西装(牛仔布中的静音网格) from Fabworks, who kindly supplied the fabrics for this blog tour. It's a reasonably lightweight fabric with a good drape 和 the ability to hold a sharp crease, which was exactly what I was after. It does fray quite 不iceably if handled too much, but apart from that it was a pleasure to work with.


初学者's裙子制作指南 is an excellent introduction to skirt making, 不 just for beginners but for more experienced sewers too. As Wendy says 在 the start of the book, "The devil is in the detail 和 I'll show you how to perfect those details…I'm a stickler for doing things right 和 taking the time needed to get the best results" I'm definitely pleased with the results - so much so that I've already cut out a second skirt!

初学者's裙子制作指南 was given to me for review by CICO Books 和 the fabric was supplied by Fabworks. All views my own.




我对美丽缝纫产品的第一个呼吁是 超越测量。今年我要买一双 欧内斯特·赖特(Ernest Wright)刺绣剪刀 搭配淡蓝色手柄(以配合我的裁缝剪)。

再加上美丽 皮套子 留在兰开夏郡手工缝制。我不确定颜色是红色还是浅蓝色。

这些可爱的一套 记号笔 也会成为一个很好的库存填充者!

我敢肯定,Tatty Devine缝制主题的珠宝将出现在许多缝制者的圣诞节清单上。我最喜欢的是传统 缝纫机项链.

I'm a big fan of 文具 和 by far the loveliest I've seen recently is the personalised range from 创造的东西. Choose from a selection of chic fashion illustrations, then customise with your own name, hair colour 和 skin tone. 这对您自己来说真的是一种很好的享受,或者是给朋友的特别礼物。

I actually ordered a set for myself in the summer from the illustration below - the one on the far right sporting a classic white shirt 和 red skirt combo. I've been sending them out to everybody left, right 和 centre, so may have to order more!  

该公司总部位于美国,因此,如果您要从英国订购,请确保在购买之前 12月2日,星期五 以确保圣诞节前交货。 

如果您是读书爱好者或生活中有读书爱好者,那么您会爱上 波斯语电话书. The company publishes little known or re-discovered tiles by (mostly) women writers. Each book has a beautiful 'fabric' endpaper 和 matching bookmark 和 an elegant grey jacket. 

They're an absolute pleasure to read 和 I've loved every single one I've read. Next on my list is 家庭主妇 多萝西·坎菲尔德·费希尔(Dorothy Canfield Fisher) 

在讨论书籍的同时,为我自己的书籍准备一个无耻的插件呢?如果您正在寻找以缝纫为主题的儿童礼物,我可以向您推荐 走进:简·马兰(Jane Marland)的缝纫


最后,没有一些自由面料可以流口水,圣诞节清单就不会完整。这个 花卉烟花 设计是对中国传统标志的当代诠释。我认为它令人惊叹-让我想起了1930年的印刷品!




这是我计划在下个月为朋友的以Studio 54为主题的生日聚会准备的迪斯科上衣的测试版本...

...从可爱的Farrah Fawcett女士那里汲取灵感。 

我用了 Anita系带上衣 来自Sew Over It Vintage的自动草稿图案,希望我能传达1970年代末的Halston氛围。 The fabric is a turquoise luxury crepe which, as the name suggests is beautifully classy 和 luxurious, but it just doesn't seem 迪斯科 足够参加聚会。我确实在我的读者中提出了颜色问题 最后一篇博文 回应是一致的- make it shiny 和 gold。哇,这就是我要做的!

在样式方面,它还需要进行一些调整才能获得完整的Studio 54效果。这是我计划的:
  • 略微加宽领口使其不露肩。 
  • Lengthen the top to tunic length 和 straighten the side seams (mine are tapered in) for a more voluminous effect. 
  • Remove the bottom band 和 ties - I can add a self fabric belt around the waist for definition instead. 

现在最大的决定是使用哪种面料?我可能会在本周前往金鹰路(Goldhawk Road)寻找金属织物,但是如果我感到懒惰,我还指定了一些在线竞争者:

金La 来自残王

罗伯特·考夫曼 曼彻斯特金属银 from M is for make. This fabric looks really beautiful 和 is probably too good for a one-off party top. I might still put it on my Christmas list though!

金色金属印花棉 来自密涅瓦工艺品

仿古金液体缎 来自密涅瓦工艺品

最后是我在阅读时发现的后来者 这个帖子 - 粘胶箔布 from Ray Stitch.


If you've sewn with 金属织物 before 和 have any tips, please do share them in the comments. 

To complete the look I'll be purchasing a pair of shiny leggings 和 borrowing my friend's hotbrush to recreate those Farrah flicks. This should give the other tube passengers a good laugh on the night. I've also persuaded Jon to grow a moustache for the occasion, which will give them an even bigger laugh…. x