Garmin and Globetrekker Challenge have brought together world leading wearable and navigation engineering with leading edge wellness and analytics technology to offer a new frontier of corporate connected wellness.

Wuerzburg, Germany – (November 8, 2016)

Based out of Singapore, Globetrekker Challenge are an industry leading corporate wellness software company and have been selected to deliver the corporate wellness portal for Garmin (NASDAQ: GRMN) across greater Asia and the Pacific. Both companies bring deep domain expertise to offer a seamless wellness package for employers.

Globetrekker are proven industry innovators, a technology firm focused on enterprise wellness they have rapidly expanded their MNC portfolio across Asia Pacific, India and UK regions. They were first in market with a mobile-exclusive user experience and first to deliver wearable-integrated group mental wellness at scale. Their technology platform delivers configurable wellness programs, real time analytics reporting and health risk profiling for employers. In a one-stop-shop, employers can now reap the benefits of Garmin’s extensive wearables range within a series of employee health improvement programs and business intelligence analytics.

“Corporate Wellness, like many other industries is undergoing a digital transformation. The Human Resource function is becoming increasingly reliant on the emerging C-suite of digital – CDO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s and as such are seeking real time data to make timely decisions from a position of knowledge. Traditional retrospective reporting is fast becoming obsolete” said Scott Montgomery, Globetrekker CEO. “Organisational leaders are hungry for health risk identification to prevent catastrophic events and all their consequences, including vicarious liability. Globetrekker technology facilitates this risk visibility alongside the expected wellness benefits of reduced HR costs, improved culture and productivity. By adding our technology stack and global panel of experts to Garmin’s pedigree wearable hardware, our clients  receive next-level wellness value through fresh employee health experiences and data-driven intelligence”.

Garmin’s strategy to partner-source their non-core services allows them to focus on what they do best and enjoy most – creating world leading wearable engineering. Partnering with domain expertise allows both businesses to mitigate distraction and optimise their core market offerings.

“Garmin’s goal is to offer a clear, concise and price-attainable solution for our clients” said Joern Watzke, Director Global B2B Sales, “that goal is realised by offering a Globetrekker platform with Garmin devices”. Garmin are world recognised for their best in class health and navigation products, Globetrekker are the fast-emerging innovator of wellness engagement and analytics, coming together helps more people and organisations gain the most out of our wearables so is a win-win for everyone”.

The partnership will be launched in market in January 2017.

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