Globetrekker Challenge is disrupting the corporate health and wellness market and we would like you to experience the difference.

For the Employees
We at Globetrekker Challenge believe that the delivering a wellness program for your employees does not need to cost the earth. We also want to provide your organisation with the tools to not only change individuals health behaviours but ensure they are truly engaged. Globetrekker Challenge is one of the worlds first mobile-centric health programs which is providing you and your colleagues with the latest wearable devices. These are the tools which the fit and healthy individuals are going out to buy. Imagine the possibilities when you give this tool as a part of your latest wellness challenge to someone who is ‘thinking’ about change. Couple this with a social engagement platform with features similar to the world leading social media companies and suddenly a ‘health’ challenge takes on a whole new feel. No more pedometers which are undervalued, no more labor intensive manual entry which people forget, no more username and password on their desktop computers and no more disengagement after 4 weeks.

For the Organisation
When employees start to feel more engaged and have the modern day tools to assist with this, it should come as no surprise that the result delivering back to the organisation are a healthy return. Increased productivity, more cohesive team work, better social interaction and a change in culture. Some of these are hard to put a dollar figure to. Those we do know have a direct measurable cost and correlate with a well executed health program are a decrease in staff turnover, absentee levels, workers compensation claims and insurance premiums. Over and above this however, Globetrekker Challenge offers real time data analytics on where your health risks lie – gender, age, job departments, office locations and more. This data intelligence moves your organisation to a space which not only compounds on the aforementioned benefits, but allows your company to develop a more targeted, mature health and wellness strategy.  This is where you start to get ahead of the curve to help change and not only influence employees for the betterment of their own health but your organisation alike.

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    Globetrekker Challenge is a B2B program for employee health engagement and HR analytics. By integrating multiple features across health technology, social and wellness, Globetrekker Challenge creates robust outcomes to improve employee retention, performance and culture.


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